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Elaine Turner

Personal Growth

Why empowered women have better relationships

Do empowered women have better relationships? The answer is yes, but why? What is empowerment, why it's important, and how you can achieve it.

The Importance of Girlfriends in your 30s

Too many women realize that they've become isolated from their friendships in their 30s. The importance of having girlfriends in your 30s can't be understated.

5 Guidelines of Healthy Sexuality

How do you know what is healthy and unhealthy about sex if no one talks about it? Elaine Turner shares 5 important guidelines for healthy sexuality.
Personal Growth

Você precisa construir intimidade com você mesma: eis como

Ter tempo a sós não chega à agenda de tantas pessoas assim. Mas hoje, você vai aprender como fazer isso e porque é que vale o seu tempo.

Quais são os 5 tipos de intimidade?

Intimacy is a powerful feeling. The five types of intimacy will improve your relationship with yourself and others.
Personal Growth

How and why to date yourself

Having a fun social life is essential to your well-being. But so is loving yourself. But how can you love yourself if you’re never alone?