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4 Tips to feel more confident facing new social interactions

“New” can sometimes feel a bit scary: getting out of our comfort zone is often a challenge that can leave us feeling anxious.

From stranger to potential friend in one conversation

Have you ever met a stranger you thought could be a great friend, but you let them walk away without making a connection?

How to always find your people in a new place

As adults, it seems that making friendships is next to impossible. Especially in a brand new place! But it's not that hard: read on to get three tips that will help you find your people, anywhere.

I Want Some New Friends! Where do I Start?

If you are wondering how to make new friends, we are here to help. We will tell you what friendship is actually about and why it is so important, how to make friends in a new place.
Personal Growth

Talking to someone you don't know from start to end

Saying “hi” and introducing yourself is no problem but after that? What do you talk about? Some things can help you navigate talking to someone you don’t know and getting past the awkwardness.